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Cambridge based mum of one, Sarah Wakely studied Art in Cambridge until age 18. She made the decision at this point not to continue her art education and instead to seek employment. Her creative flair remained and she always hoped to pick up a paintbrush again someday!

She pursued a career as an Estate Agent and then later other positions in Retail Management and Sales.

It wasn't until she was on maternity leave in 2017 she finally was able to start exploring her artistic side once again. This is when she and her Carpenter husband purchased a property that would allow the space for him to have a workshop and her an art studio!

She started creating various crafts including resin jewellery which began her love with this medium. Fast forward to 2020 and she now works part-time and looks after her son, but when free time allows she spends as much time in the studio as possible, nurturing her skills exploring acrylic art once again for over 20 years. 

Her work is predominantly abstract and fluid art. She favours this technique because of its one-off nature and never quite knowing at the start how it will look when finished. Her work is inspired by nature and the outdoors, she says 'I take inspiration from all things beautiful around me, when you have a busy life you sometimes forget to take it in so I like to create pieces that remind me to do that'.

She also likes to think about ordinary things and present them in different ways, using embellishments, flow and texture to add interest to each piece.

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